Billing and Insurance


Please contact NeuroMedical Care Associates office to confirm your coverage before your visit. If you have any additional questions regarding your insurance or do not have insurance, please contact our Billing Department prior to your appointment at (607) 239-5694 .


  • Making An Appointment:

  • At Neuro-Medical Care, our team of qualified professionals will work together to insure that you get the best care possible during your visit with us.
    • For Appointments Call:
    (607) 239-5694
  • About Our Treatment Network:

  • At Neuro Medical Care Associates we can diagnose a wide range of neurological conditions and can provide with you with an array of non-invasive treatment options. We can also refer you to our complete network of surgical and non-surgical treatment providers, the Neurosciences Network at UHS. After a thorough examination, we will explore a variety of treatments to help you minimize pain and recover from your condition. Our partners in the Neurosciences Network at UHS provide comprehensive neurological care, ranging from radiology and PET/CT imaging to neurosurgery, stroke management, cancer treatment and rehabilitation.