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  • Making An Appointment:

  • At Neuro-Medical Care, our team of qualified professionals will work together to insure that you get the best care possible during your visit with us.
    • For Appointments Call:
    (607) 239-5694
  • About Our Treatment Network:

  • At Neuro Medical Care Associates we can diagnose a wide range of neurological conditions and can provide with you with an array of non-invasive treatment options. We can also refer you to our complete network of surgical and non-surgical treatment providers, the Neurosciences Network at UHS. After a thorough examination, we will explore a variety of treatments to help you minimize pain and recover from your condition. Our partners in the Neurosciences Network at UHS provide comprehensive neurological care, ranging from radiology and PET/CT imaging to neurosurgery, stroke management, cancer treatment and rehabilitation.